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Wonderful products and a whole new photography experience

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It is our goal to provide you with amazing images printed on the very best products and the best photography experience we can.


We hate to think of our photographs gathering dust on a CD or a memory stick in a drawer somewhere for years and years - and who knows how long those formats will still be around. Has anyone got a wedding video on VHS or some pictures on a floppy disc?
If you are looking for a CD full of images that you can print yourself, we are probably not the photographers for you.
If you are looking for a wonderful photography experience and the most beautiful Art products to enjoy every day and for for generations we most definitely are.
Printing a great image well isn't a straightforward process - not if you want the absolute best results that is. We process each individual image specifically for the size and type of media it will be printed on. Our monitors are calibrated and through a process of test prints, we can be confident that the prints you get are exactly as intended. Our labs only supply professional photographers and use state of the art processes and technology. The process that starts by pressing the trigger on a camera finishes with the delivery of a beautiful tangible product.
This is the only way to get the great results - anything else is a compromise.

Sure, you can find a budget photographer and receive budget photographs but just as you might like a fast food lunch, it is worth saving up and going out for a wonderful meal now and again.
We believe there is something magical about browsing through your beautiful hand made Album, something very special about seeing your Wall Art everyday and something exciting about giving the most gorgeous Gift Prints to your family and friends.
We spent a long time finding these to offer you because we really only want to provide the best available.

By choosing amazing products from the best professional laboratories in the UK - and they only supply professional photographers - we are able to provide you with your images in the most wonderful format and we know you will be delighted.
Quality is second to none and they are routinely made from the finest materials and using the newest archival quality inks and manufacturing processes.  

For you, this means that you get to look at an amazing piece of art on your wall or browse a beautiful hand made album using sustainable materials for years and years safe in the knowledge that they will not fade.
These are your precious memories ready to hand down to future generations and most importantly to be seen and enjoyed.

Your photography experience begins with your consultation where we can discuss your requirements, a location, the type of shoot and product you are looking for etc.  We can look at samples and discuss the various products available. It is good to try and visualise your photography hanging on a your wall. If you are happy to go ahead, you can pay a deposit to secure a mutually convenient date for your shoot.
After your photoshoot, I will carefully edit your best pictures and arrange a get together where I can present them to you on a computer so that you can choose your favourites and will have the opportunity at that time to order and pay for the products of your choice using your favourite image or images. I will then go away and apply further editing if necessary to your chosen images. Each image will be processed to make it perfect for the specific size and type of product it will be printed on before I submit the file(s) to the lab.

After a short time, we will be able to arrange delivery of your final products.


Good Photography can seem daunting, especially when you had just thought you were hiring someone to take a few photographs for you.
A great photography experience is about the attention to detail.
Last year the shutter mechanism failed catastrophically on my camera - surprisingly this is not uncommon, in fact shutters will fail, it's just a matter of when. We were able to continue shooting with our backup camera. More recently one of our off camera strobe lights decided to die on us in the middle of a shoot miles from home. Again, a short delay later we were continuing with back up lights. Small details like having these backups, public liability insurance and CRB checks all go towards a more professional and reliable service.

We are not the cheapest photographer you will find - after all, there are plenty of local students and amateurs, who are now 'photographers', more than willing to burn some poorly shot and processed images on a CD for you. But we don't want to be the cheapest either - we couldn't offer the service we do if we got rid of all our expenses. Being a limited company means we are serious about what we do, we are passionate about giving the best experience we can and we want to be around for years to come so that our customers can come back to us time and time again.
We will always offer you the absolute best quality lovingly shot and processed photographs on the most wonderful products from labs unavailable to the public. 
Take a look at these wonderful ways to display your images:

We are not like a lot of other photographers and we want you to have the very best experience. We will do everything we can to give you our very best. We know that what we offer will not be for everyone but we hope that you will truly appreciate the highest degrees of customer service, attention to detail and professionalism to make your photography a memorable and enjoyable experience.


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