I'm not green and I'm not a ninja!

Bit of a weird name for a photography business you might think, Green Ninja - what's that all about?

When I owned motorcycles, they were always bright lime green and I had the leathers to match. You would never fail to spot me coming. I had a few and they were all Kawasaki Ninjas.
I was the 'Green Ninja' :)

Now I ride a horse and you can spot me on the Cross Country course dressed in - you guessed it - bright lime green (don't feel sorry for the horse, he gets lots of carrots).

So that is me. I'm your photographer. I'm the Green Ninja and you're going to remember that better than Darren Whittaker Photography I hope.

I'm not green and I'm not a ninja (even if I do have a karate black belt) but I am a professional photographer and I will always be relaxed and friendly. I have all the professional equipment, backups, public liability insurance etc. that you would expect. I have also been CRB checked.

I will also try to work harder than anyone else to get you the best photos because I believe in giving my best at all times.
I don't take shortcuts and I will spend time on every single image before I upload it even when I have many hundreds from a wedding or a sporting event.

I love photography and I love giving the best service, the best quality and the best of me on every job.

If you see me lying on the ground to get a good angle, try not to trip over me.
If you see me pointing a lens in your direction, just ignore me - or smile, if you like.